ADCFP Spotlight: Albert Ngo & Tim Jung

The Academic Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) provides dental students at UCSF the opportunity to explore academia through faculty mentorship and research- or education-based projects. Read what some of our students are working on below:

Throughout the first and second years, UCSF dental students are required to assist as part of their PCC course requirements. However, students often get confused with which procedures they should assist with and how they can assist to the best of their ability, leaving the clinic feeling overwhelmed and perplexed. The goal of our project is to improve the assisting experience by maximizing the learning potential. Our project creates guidelines for dental procedures so that assistants know what to look for and how they can help. These guides will not only serve to streamline the assisting session for the underclassmen, but also ensures that the assistant fully understands the procedure holistically, and yields opportunity for any unclear steps to be elucidated. This project will serve to bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical education at UCSF.